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Black Powder Supplies

We hold a wide range of black powders for musket, rifle, pistol and shotgun shooters, also historical re-enactment purposes. The following powders are normally available from stock:

How to order


Powders other than those listed may be obtainable. Should you have any specific wants, then please contact me.

All powders are available in 1kg containers. Note that the containers are returnable. Re-use keeps the cost down!

Should your needs include black powder substitutes, then Pyrodex is also available.

Hearing Protection

We are the Midlands Area Authorised Provider for Green Leopard Custom Moulded Ear Plugs

Saf-T Unloader

A CO2 powered unit designed to safely unload muzzle loading guns. Adapters are available for most muzzle loading arms. Details

Black Powder

Powder Price per kilo
Swiss Powder:
Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
TS2 £54.00
FO A £36.00
FO Triangle £36.00
Fine Powder £36.00
Medium Powder £36.00
Coarse Powder £36.00
Note that the medium and coarse powders above are the equivalent grades of the now discontinued brand of 'Colonel Farquharson's' powders

1 1/2Fg

Other Powders:  
Swiss #5B (Bolle)
Cannon / Punt Gun Powder
Cannon / Punt Gun Powders £36.00
Swiss OB Priming Powder
£12.50 per 70g

Storage Boxes

Under the provisions of the Manufacture & Storage of Explosive Regulations 2005 containers of Black Powder must be kept in a box constructed of 18mm plywood. Boxes of the correct construction are available at the COST PRICE of £70.00. Details.


Explosive Documentation Guidelines provides introductary information for those wishing to acquire, transport and store explosives.

A user guide has been prepared to assist in your powder selection.

Material covering black powder history and manufacture, plus links to related sites, can be found in the reference section.

Shooting Supplies - Firearms Stock List

A large stock of associated items is always available, including percussion caps, primers, nitro propellants, reloading equipment, guns and accessories. Please contact me to confirm your needs and I will be pleased to help. Peter J. Starley -